Go to the dungeons full of treasures and dangers in a new epic multiplayer RPG
Available in 2022
Gameplay Overview
In Dragons Flame, you have to go on a treasure hunt in dangerous dungeons and fight not only monsters and bosses, but also other players. Only those who can get out of the dungeon alive will receive the reward!
Team up or go solo into the dungeons for treasure. Many tests, traps, insidious monsters and bosses await you. But the most dangerous will be the other players, ready to do anything for the desired reward.
Experienced players can team up and go on raids to fight powerful bosses and get more valuable and rare items.
Start a fast-paced duel in a small arena with random weapons. Kill opponents, get crystals, buy more powerful weapons and increase your chance to win.
What makes dragons Flame unique?
Unique multiplayer experience
Dragons Flame combines a multiplayer dungeon crawler with procedural map generation to make every game session unique and unpredictable.
Use the resources obtained to create or improve weapons and armor. Stock up on potions and prepare carefully for your next foray. And try to survive against hungry monsters and insidious players.
Deep lore and elaborate world
Embark on an epic fantasy adventure in this dying world of dragons. Choose a path, amass power and gather allies to make a stand against dangerous monsters, and the destructive influence of the Frozen Flame.
Dragons Flame uses an innovative game distribution model - Free2Earn. This means that players can play without buying starting characters or equipment. And they can complete activities for tokens and buy NFTs.
Frozen Flame and Dragons Flame are part of the Flame Universe, united by the same world, characters and events.
Also, Dragons Flame is attentive to the balance and no in-game items will break it.
Items belong to players
Dragons Flame is designed to empower players ownership through tokenization of characters and in-game assets. NFT characters and items can be used in different game modes, upgraded or traded on the marketplace.
Screenshot gallery
Every NFT asset in Dragons Flame (character and weapon skins, pets, animations and avatars) can be listed in our marketplace and sold to other players for Dragons Flame tokens. Shards can be traded for other cryptos on decentralized and centralized exchanges.
Rent out in-game items to other players to get a piece of their loot. Or, vice versa, rent to go to a difficult dungeon and get valuable loot.
Fight to survive
Compete in different game modes, climb the top of the leaderboards and get your rewards in Dragons Flame tokens.
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Roadmap 2022
Engage Play2Earn community and Strategic partners
Launch website
Conduct GAO#1
Design tokenomics
Conduct GAO#2
Launch community test
Launch Dragons Flame Chapter 1
List Dragons Flame Token on Tier-1 CEX
Launch closed alpha
Launch marketplace
Conduct GAO#3
Allow to redeem Hero chests
Conduct token sale
Launch tournaments
Launch gaming-guilds management tools
Conduct GAO #4 and #5
Tokenization of in-game items
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